Monday, 1 February 2016

Month 7 - January 2016

For January's rebuild video we've moved around to the back of the building for a better view. A lot of different things are happening inside the building and on the roof. We'll pick out some particular jobs in some focus videos over the month.

Next month we should see the windows go in along the back and then we'll move the camera back to the front of the building to see the front glass wall go in. Exciting times ahead.


  1. Please could you up date some pictures so I can show Pamela Wright how things are progressing.
    Thank you
    Wendy Weir
    Ridgemount Care Home

    1. Hi Wendy. We have a video from February and some of March. I will get these up as soon as possible. Next Saturday we are able to get into the building for a viewing and we will take some more photos then as well.


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