Saturday, 21 November 2015

Interview with Site Manager - Gavin Goodwin

Friday 13th October: Gavin Goodwin Site Supervisor

How did you get into the construction industry?
My father was a painter and decorator and about 12/13 I was getting it into with him going with him to work. I then got into carpentry and it all sort of escalated from there.

How long have you been in the industry now then?
Around 28 to 30 years – maybe even more.

Roughly how many projects have you worked on in your capacity as site manager?
20+ maybe more

So what part of the process of the build do you enjoy the most?
Walking out of the gate! Knowing that I have passed it on to someone and it’s all finished and done and dusted

Do you have a favourite building?
I did a building, Adastral Park a sports pavilion and cricket pavilion and we won an award it was eco-friendly. It was really airtight and sustainable. That was the best one. It was interesting doing it

How would you summarise the process that this building (Merland Rise Church) has been through so far?
Challenging. We have had a lot of problems with different trade aspects of the building because it is slightly complicated with the steel and that sort of stuff. But it’s been interesting but challenging at the same time.

How would you describe the team working on the site?
Very good. Everyone is doing really good at the moment.

Who is the biggest character?
I would say probably the brickie supervisor [Brian - check out our impromptu photoshoot below!]. Yeah he has been the most interesting. I think because he has been the longest person on the site so I have got to know him more than anyone else at the moment.

So do you work with different teams every time or do you have a core team?
Sometimes, it all depends on the project.I have only worked with Caldera for two years. I was specifically taken on for big projects and the first one I did was Horley Church so I am still getting to know Caldera.

At this stage of this project what is the biggest challenge that the building could face?
It is purely the weather. And then we have the roof, that is a challenge because that is complicated but apart from that it is a very traditional build apart from the roof.

And do you have any advice for our church as we wait for the building to be built
Patience! Let me finish it! Nothing really, it is a standard building so hopefully once we pass it over to you and you have your manuals it should go smoothly.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Updated Building Images

Here are the latest set of artists impressions of the new building.
View from Merland Green
View from Merland Rise
View from Car Park

Images courtesy of MEB Design Ltd.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Month 4 - October 2015

October's rebuild video is here. In this one the back walls start going up, the steel for the foyer arrives and the front wall starts to rise.